The Kansai Region: Places to Explore


  • Kobe

    Kobe resonates with a cool, hip vibe, a condition of its internationalism and its position between mountains and sea. With more than 44,000 foreigners living in the city, representing more than 120 countries... Read more

  • Nara

    Nara is a place of synthesis, where Chinese art, religion, and architecture fused with Japanese language and Shinto traditions. The city was established in 710 and was then known as Heijo-Kyo (citadel... Read more

  • Osaka

    From Minami's neon-lighted Dotombori and historic Tenno-ji to the high-rise class and underground shopping labyrinths of Kita, Osaka is a city that pulses with its own unique rhythm. Though Osaka has no... Read more