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The Shinkansen (bullet train) stops at the Shin-Kobe Station, just north of San-no-miya. The two are connected by the Seishin-Yamate Line that extends north from San-no-miya Station to the Shin-Kobe Station. Shin-Kobe also connects to Arima.

The trip between Osaka Station and Kobe's San-no-miya Station takes 20 minutes on the JR Tokaido Line rapid train, which leaves at 15-minute intervals throughout the day; without a JR Pass the fare is ¥390. The Hankyu and Hanshin private lines run between Osaka and Kobe for ¥310.

The City Loop bus starts at San-no-miya and circles through Meriken Park, Harborland, and Kitano before returning to San-no-miya. Taxis are easy to find at San-no-miya Station, but can also be found at any noriba, or taxi stand.

Purchase tickets from a vending machine; you surrender them on passing through the turnstile at your destination station. Fares depend on your destination.

Three rail lines, JR, Hankyu, and Hanshin, cut straight through the city from one side to the other, and converge at San-no-miya Station. Most of the city is a 10-minute walk from a train station, making trains the most convenient way to get around.

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