The Kansai Region Experiences


The Kansai Region Features

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Architecture: Skyscrapers share Osaka's 1,500-year-old skyline with 4th-century burial mounds, while Nara's wealth of classical temples, pagodas,... Read more

  • Nara's Sacred Deer

    Of all the attractions in Nara, there is one that no visitor can miss. At some point, as you wander between temples, the city’s sacred deer will... Read more

  • Sake, the Japanese Drink

    Sake, or nihonshu, is the essential Japanese drink. Ranging in taste from fruity and bright to rich and mellow, there is a nihonshu for virtually... Read more

  • Venice of the East

    When Tokyo was but a fishing village and Kyoto a mountain hamlet, big things were happening in Osaka. The Osaka-Nara region was the center of the... Read more

  • On the Menu

    Osakans are passionate about food. In fact, they coined the word kuidaore—to eat until you drop. They expect restaurants to use the freshest... Read more

  • Try, Try, Try Again

    Toshodai-ji Temple was built in 751 for Ganjin, a Chinese priest who traveled to Japan at the invitation of Emperor Shomu. At that time, Japanese... Read more


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