The Japan Alps and the North Chubu Coast Features


The Japan Alps and the North Chubu Coast Features

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Onsen: The salty, calcium-rich waters of coastal thermal spas and iron- and sulfur-heavy springs in the mountains make your skin smooth, your... Read more

  • Gassho-zukuri Farmhouses

    It’s tempting to think of traditional domestic architecture in Japan, with its paper windows and tatami mats and sliding screens as, well, insubstantial... Read more

  • Festivals in the Japan Alps

    Takayama's spring and fall festivals (April 14 and 15 and October 9 and 10) transform the usually quiet town into a rowdy, colorful party, culminating... Read more

  • On the Menu

    Every microregion in Japan's alpine region has its specialties and unique style of preparing seafood from the Sea of Japan. Vitamin-rich seaweed... Read more

  • Heartbeat of Sado Island

    A hawk flies overhead as the sky deepens to the indigo of the kimonos the two women are wearing. With an elegant flick, the batchi resounds against... Read more