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No trip to Japan is complete without spending a few days in this central alpine region. Until the 20th century brought highways and railways to central Japan, villages here were largely isolated from the rest of the country. Unique traditions still linger in this region of snow-topped mountains, coastal cliffs, open-air hot springs, and superb hiking and skiing.


The Japan Alps and the North Chubu Coast Hotels

Accommodations run the gamut from Japanese-style inns to large, modern hotels. Ryokan and minshuku (guesthouses) serve traditional Japanese food, and more


The Japan Alps and the North Chubu Coast Restaurants

Traditional Japanese ryotei specialize in seasonal delicacies while casual eateries serve delicious home-style cooking and regional dishes. Western more

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Things To Do in The Japan Alps and the North Chubu Coast

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The Japan Alps and the North Chubu Coast Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Onsen: The salty, calcium-rich waters of coastal thermal spas and iron- and sulfur-heavy springs in the mountains make your skin smooth, your... Read more

  • Gassho-zukuri Farmhouses

    It’s tempting to think of traditional domestic architecture in Japan, with its paper windows and tatami mats and sliding screens as, well, insubstantial... Read more

  • Festivals in the Japan Alps

    Takayama's spring and fall festivals (April 14 and 15 and October 9 and 10) transform the usually quiet town into a rowdy, colorful party, culminating... Read more

  • On the Menu

    Every microregion in Japan's alpine region has its specialties and unique style of preparing seafood from the Sea of Japan. Vitamin-rich seaweed... Read more

  • Heartbeat of Sado Island

    A hawk flies overhead as the sky deepens to the indigo of the kimonos the two women are wearing. With an elegant flick, the batchi resounds against... Read more


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