Getting Here and Around in Tokushima


Getting Here and Around

Tokushima is accessible by JR train: 1 hour, 15 minutes from Takamatsu; 1 hour, 30 minutes from Awa Ikeda; 2 hours from Okayama, 2 hours, 25 minutes from Kochi; 3 hours, 20 minutes from Shin-Osaka; and 3 hours, 40 minutes from Matsuyama. Buses are also an option. Highway buses depart from Takamatsu (1 hour, 30 minutes); Kobe (2 hours); Kochi (2 hours, 40 minutes); and Matsuyama (3 hours, 10 minutes), as well as Kyoto, Osaka, or Kansai Airport (3 hours). There are also overnight buses from Tokyo. There are ferries from Tokyo (19 hours) and Wakayama (2 hours).

Buses leave Tokushima for Naruto on the hour between 9 and 3, taking 73 minutes and costing ¥690; the return has more varied times, so check the schedule. The boat quay at Naruto Kanko-ko is a few stops before the end of the line, about an eight-minute walk from Uzu-no-michi. There are also trains to Naruto Station; catch a bus or taxi from there to the coast. Going by car from Tokushima takes roughly a half hour. Tokushima's best sights are far from the city center. Consider getting your own car rather than relying on public transportation.


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