Shikoku: Places to Explore


  • Iya Valley and Oboke-Koboke Gorges

    In the Iya Valley, mountain villages cling to the side of improbably steep hills while turquoise rivers rush through the ravines below. This remote region was once so isolated that it became the...

  • Kochi

    Kochi has earned a reputation for being different. The locals are rough-talking, boisterous, and social, and their spirited city has an attitude far from the Japanese mainstream. The famous...

  • Kotohira

    The Konpira Shrine is the draw here: this mountaintop temple housing the Shinto deity who protects seafarers draws pilgrims from all over Japan. Though it’s a long climb up a flight of stone...

  • Matsuyama

    Shikoku's largest city, Matsuyama prides itself on a great history, friendly disposition, fantastic cultural attractions, and a love for fine food, intense fashion, and haiku. You'll be quickly...

  • Naoshima

    In past centuries, pirate attacks were the biggest surprise you might encounter on the Seto Inland Sea. Now, it’s the world-class art museums of Naoshima. This tiny island in the inland sea...

  • Shimanami Kaido

  • Takamatsu

    If you’re coming to Shikoku by train, your first stop will likely be Takamatsu, the capital of Kagawa Prefecture. Takamatsu combines urban verve with a relaxed down-home atmosphere. There is...

  • Tokushima

    Tokushima literally means "virtuous island"—ironic, considering the local residents’ fondness for drinking, dancing, and hard partying. The city’s annual Awa Odori dance festival is Japan’s...

  • Uchiko

    This small farming town in the mountains south of Matsuyama was a major producer of Japanese paper and wax until the early 20th century. Now, it’s a peaceful mountain town of old merchant...

  • Uwajima

    Uwajima's claims to fame are its sumo-style bullfights and a notorious sex museum located next to the local Shinto fertility shrine.


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