Hiking in Iriomote-jima



Simamariasibi. Trekking tours through Iriomote's Predator-like jungle are fun and exotic, especially with a tour guide so thoroughly knowledgeable about the island's trails and conscientious about his customer's safety and enjoyment. Nagasawa-san moved to Iriomote more than a decade ago. He learned the ins and outs of Iriomote's interior by going boar-hunting with locals during the winter off-season, and leads his tours away from the regular tour spots to really let you feel immersed in nature. Along the way he'll point out a surprising amount of information about the jungle and reveal some special overlooks and locations. Nagasawa-san offers a variety of packages starting at ¥10,000 and including lunch, insurance, and transportation. 972 Taketomi-cho, Iriomote, Okinawa, 907-1542. 0980/84–8408. www.simamariasibi.com.


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