Nagoya, Ise-Shima, and the Kii Peninsula Experiences


Nagoya, Ise-Shima, and the Kii Peninsula Features

  • Top Reasons to Go

    The shrines: The Grand Shrines of Ise, rebuilt every two decades for the last 1,500 years, are the most sacred in Japan. Shopping: Nagoya's Noritake... Read more

  • Toyota: Nagoya's Mainstay

    It may sound like the kind of activity reserved for only the most dedicated of motorheads, but you don’t need to be into cars to be awed by the... Read more

  • Festivals in Nagoya

    Nagoya and the surrounding cities host a wide variety of matsuri (festivals) throughout the year. Running the gamut from chaotic to tranquil and... Read more

  • On the Menu

    Nagoya cuisine is considered hearty, and is famous for its aka miso (red miso). Dishes featuring this sticky, sweet paste include misonikomi udon,... Read more

  • The Pearl Divers

    At Toba, before Kokichi Mikimoto (1858–1954) perfected a method for cultivating pearls here in 1893, Ama, or female divers (women were believed to... Read more


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