Kyushu Features


Kyushu Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to Kyushu

    Diverse cities: Fukuoka has vibrant nightlife, Nagasaki radiates old-world charm, Kumamoto's castle dominates the city, and Kagoshima's palm trees... Read more

  • Takachiho, the Cradle of Myth

    Deep in the sacred mountains, a spiritual place full of atmosphere, is the birthplace of Japanese mythology. A visit to the Takachiho region... Read more

  • On the Menu

    The most celebrated dish in Fukuoka is tonkotsu ramen, a strongly flavored pork-bone-based soup with extra-thin noodles, scallions, and strips... Read more

  • August 9, 1945

    On August 9, 1945, three days after the blast at Hiroshima, Nagasaki fell victim to a second atomic bomb because of bad weather. The plane, named... Read more


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