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Name Category Location
This small temple in the foothills of Higashiyama...
Religious Sites Eastern Kyoto
Bamboo forest
Dense bamboo forests—with their rows on rows of...
Forests Arashiyama
The headquarters of the Jodo sect of Buddhism,...
Religious Sites Eastern Kyoto
Its lush garden and its paintings by Tohaku...
Religious Sites Eastern Kyoto
A procession of stone lanterns lines the steep...
Religious Sites Eastern Kyoto
The main temple of this mountain enclave...
Religious Sites Southern Kyoto
Two dozen temples can be found in this walled...
Religious Sites Western Kyoto
Domoto-Insho Bijutsukan
An artist of tremendous versatility, Insho-san...
Museums / Galleries Western Kyoto
Hakusa Son-so
Down the hill from Ginkaku-ji sits a century-old...
Gardens / Arboretums Eastern Kyoto
Hirano Jinja
Near Kinkaku-ji, the gorgeous cherry blossoms at...
Religious Sites Western Kyoto
Near Ginkaku Temple on the Philosopher's Path,...
Religious Sites Eastern Kyoto
After a devastating fire, this small monastery...
Religious Sites Northern Kyoto
Kawai Kanjiro Kinenkan
The house and workshop of prolific potter Kanjiro...
Museums / Galleries Eastern Kyoto
In the heart of ancient Higashiyama's cobbled...
Religious Sites Eastern Kyoto
Kyoto Handicraft Center
Here you'll find seven floors filled with dolls,...
Stores / Malls Eastern Kyoto
Kyoto Imperial Palace
Although it tops the list of must-see sights for...
Castles / Palaces Central Kyoto
Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts
Fascinating displays reveal the painstaking care...
Museums / Galleries Eastern Kyoto
Kyoto National Museum
After extensive renovations, this museum's new...
Museums / Galleries Eastern Kyoto
Kyoto Station
Kyoto's train station, derided as an eyesore by...
Transportation Sites Central Kyoto
Maruyama Koen
This well-manicured park at the foot of the...
Parks Eastern Kyoto
Miho Bijutsukan
The distance from Kyoto may make getting here...
Museums / Galleries Northern Kyoto
National Museum of Modern Art
This small but excellent museum is known for its...
Museums / Galleries Eastern Kyoto
Nijo Jinya
A short walk south of Nijo-jo is the less-visited...
Houses / Mansions Central Kyoto
Nishijin-ori Kaikan
The Nishijin district, which still has some old...
Industrial Sites Central Kyoto
Otoyo Jinja
Dating from 887, this small shrine was built to...
Religious Sites Eastern Kyoto
Raku Museum
Serious collectors of tea-ceremony artifacts are...
Museums / Galleries Central Kyoto
Sen-oku Hakuko Kan
This refined museum presents the extraordinary...
Museums / Galleries Eastern Kyoto
Paintings by the Kano School are on view at this...
Religious Sites Eastern Kyoto
Shouzan Mirokuin
A popular neighborhood chapel called Shawase no...
Religious Sites Eastern Kyoto
Shugaku-in Imperial Villa
The focus of this compound is not the opulent...
Castles / Palaces Northern Kyoto
A fabulous gateway arch—the oldest in...
Religious Sites Southern Kyoto


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