Kyoto: Places to Explore


  • Arashiyama

    Beyond the city is the semirural hillside area of Arashiyama, which lies along and above the banks of the Oi-gawa (the local name for the Katsura-gawa as it courses through this area). The pleasure of Arashiyama... Read more

  • Central Kyoto

    The two major sights in central Kyoto are the opulent Nijo Castle and the more modest Imperial Palace. The latter requires permission, and you must join a guided tour. Central Kyoto is a big shopping destination:... Read more

  • Eastern Kyoto

    East of the Kamogawa River, in the neighborhoods known as Higashiyama (literally, Eastern Mountain) and Okazaki, are some of Kyoto's most dazzling shrines and temples, stretching from solemn Sanjusangen-do... Read more

  • Northern Kyoto

    The mountain, Hiei-zan, and the Ohara region are the focal points in the northern suburbs of Kyoto. For several centuries Ohara was a sleepy Kyoto backwater surrounded by mountains. Although it's now catching... Read more

  • Southern Kyoto

    The most interesting southern Kyoto sights are three religious structures: Tofuku-ji, Fushimi-Inari Taisha, and Byodo-in; the latter is actually in the tea-producing city of Uji, which houses a variety... Read more

  • Western Kyoto

    Western Kyoto's most iconic sights are the opulent golden temple at Kinkaku-ji and the dazzling rock garden at Ryoan-ji, but the city's western precincts are filled with remarkable religious architecture... Read more