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Top Reasons to Go to Kobe

The Beef: Tender, highly marbleized Kobe beef is world famous. It's easy to find a good steak house, so don't miss out!

Night Views: Kobe nights are famously romantic. The Ferris wheel, Akashi Bridge, the neon lights lining the ocean, and the black mountains add to the magic.

Luminarie: For two weeks before Christmas, millions of lights arch across Kobe's streets. Commemorating the 1995 Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake the event attracts approximately 5 million visitors annually.

East Meets West: When the port opened to international trade, Western culture and entertainment flowed into the city. Jazz, international dining, and a sizable gaijin population are legacies of Kobe's history.

Nada no Sake: The sake breweries of Nada, in western Kobe, use miyamizu (mineral-rich water) and Yamada Nishiki rice, grown near Mt. Rokko. Numerous sake museums and breweries have free tastings.

Updated: 02-2014

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