Japan Features


Japan Features

  • Top Things to Do in Japan

    Mt. Fuji, the nation's highest peak, rises 3,776 meters. One of Japan's most famous symbols, the symmetrical Fuji-san inspires artists and commoners... Read more

  • If You Like

    The range of climates in Japan and the sweeping social changes over the centuries have left their trace in the country’s architecture. It’s all... Read more

  • On the Calendar

    Matsuri (festivals) are very important to the Japanese, and around 30,000 are held throughout the year. Many of them originated in folk and religious... Read more

  • Japan Today

    After Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi retired in 2006 following an enthusiastic spree of free-market economic reforms, Japan stumbled through... Read more

  • Top Experiences in Japan

    Sumo pits two extremely large athletes against one another in a ring (dohyo). A wrestler who breaches the ring's boundary or touches the ground... Read more

  • Japanese Fine Arts

    What raises Japanese handicrafts to the level of fine arts? It is, one could argue, the standards set by the nation’s Ningen kokuho: its Living... Read more

  • Performing Arts

    Gorgeous costumes, sword fights and tearful reunions, acrobatics and magical transformations, spectacular makeup and masks, singing and dancing... Read more

  • Onsen and Bathing

    A chain of volcanic islands on the fiery Pacific Rim, Japan has developed a splendid subculture around one of the more manageable manifestations... Read more

  • The Ryokan

    You’re likely to find Japanese hospitality polished, warm, and professional pretty much anywhere you stay—but nowhere more so than in a ryokan:... Read more

  • Japanese Pop Culture

    Step onto the streets of Shibuya—or brave the crowds of preening high school fashionistas populating Harujuku’s Takeshita-dori—and you’ll get... Read more

  • Baseball in Japan

    Sumo may be the national sport, but without question, the most popular sport in Japan is baseball. It was first introduced in 1872 by Horace... Read more

  • Japanese Etiquette

    Many Japanese expect foreigners to behave differently and are tolerant of faux pas, but they are pleasantly surprised when people acknowledge... Read more

  • Japanese Martial Arts

    Take all that chop-socky stuff in the movies with a grain of salt: the Japanese martial arts are primarily about balance—mental, spiritual, and... Read more

  • Sumo

    This centuries-old national sport of Japan is not to be taken lightly—as anyone who has ever seen a sumo wrestler will testify.... Read more

  • The Geisha

    The geisha—with her white makeup and Cupid’s-bow red lip rouge, her hair ornaments, the rich brocade of her kimono—is as much an icon of Japan... Read more

  • The Tea Ceremony

    The Way of Tea—in Japanese, Cha-no-yu or Sado—is more than a mere ceremonial occasion to have a cuppa: it is a profound spiritual and philosophical... Read more

  • Japanese Gardens

    Oases of calm and contemplation—and philosophical statements in their own right—Japanese gardens are quite unlike the arrangements of flowers... Read more

  • Religion in Japan

    Although both Buddhism and Shinto permeate Japanese society and life, most Japanese are blissfully unaware of the distinction between what is... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go to Japan

    Urban buzz: Tokyo’s skyscrapers, pedestrian throngs, clockwork trains, and nightlife.... Read more