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A visit to Varanasi, formerly known as Benaras or Benares, or as Kashi (meaning "resplendent with light"), is an experience unlike any other. This is the epitome of a holy city, inundated with religious pilgrims and sacred cows, yet it is also a city firmly grounded in the commerce and reality of day-to-day existence. A visit here is thrilling but exhausting, and never boring.


Varanasi Hotels

There are two options in Varanasi: you can stay near the water, where most of the lodgings are smaller and right in the midst of the action; or you more


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Things To Do in Varanasi

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Varanasi Experiences

  • The Economics of Burning

    Public cremation is the norm for Hindus throughout India, but the spiritual implications of being cremated in Varanasi make dying here an especially... Read more


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