Fateh Garh

Sisarma 6 km (4 miles) from Udaipur, Udaipur, Rajasthan, 342001, India

Environmentally friendly, community-minded, luxurious, and with an interesting backstory, this is one of Udaipur's notable boutique hotels, perched atop a hill adjacent to the Monsoon Palace. Originally in Bhilwara, around 160 km (100 miles) away, this small palace belonging to the Kelwa Rajput family was moved here, stone by stone, in 2007 and reconstructed using the Vedic architectural principles of Vaastu Shastra (think Indian feng shui). Antique doors and windows were also utilized. Rooms have elegant dark-wood furniture and pastel frescoes depicting concepts of Vedic science and are very large. The hotel has a water recycling plant, and windmills and solar panels produce electricity. The hotel has three pools and the highest pool is one of the best around it has spectacular city views, as does the hotel's main restaurant. There's an interesting collection of vintage cars on the grounds—one of them parked in the main portico.


  • friendly, polite service
  • great food
  • scenic location


  • a long drive away from the Old City since it is out in the wilderness
  • policy of employing locals can affect efficiency


Phones: 294-241–3845


48 rooms, 3 suites
Rate Includes: Some meals