India: Places to Explore


  • Agra and Environs

    The fastest way to drive to Agra from Delhi is via the Yamuna Expressway, or you can take the other, more historic route, which follows the Grand Trunk Road—a royal route established by India's Mughal emperors... Read more

  • Delhi

    A city of many moods and identities, Delhi has evolved many personalities over its long, fraught history; it may not be the most beautiful city in India, but in many ways it is the grandest.... Here are the... Read more

  • Goa

    Beguiling white sands, fresh and spicy seafood, and a cold drink under a glowing sun is Goa at its charming best. But there's plenty more: striking Renaissance cathedrals in Old Goa, ancestral homes surrounding... Read more

  • Kerala

    A charming myth explains the creation of Kerala, the narrow state running 560 km (350 miles) along India's western coast. Parashurama, an avatar of Vishnu, performed a series of penances to atone for a... Read more

  • Khajuraho

    The UNESCO World Heritage Site temples of Khajuraho are known for their carved erotic images, but they are also examples of advanced architecural styles. The soaring shikharas (spires) of the temples are... Read more

  • Kolkata (Calcutta)

    Nothing can prepare you for Kolkata. As the birthplace of an empire and the home of the late Mother Teresa, as a playground for the rich and a haven for the destitute, as a wellspring of creative energy... Read more

  • Mumbai

    Delhi may be the capital city, but it's Mumbai that encapsulates all the dynamic, chaotic parts that make up modern India. This is where you'll find everything from succulent street food to haute cuisine... Read more

  • Rajasthan

    Steeped in tales of chivalry and romance, and famous for its striking desert landscape, massive forts, and fabulous palaces, Rajasthan represents, for many, the quintessential India. With the legendary... Read more

  • Varanasi

    A visit to Varanasi, formerly known as Benaras or Benares, or as Kashi (meaning "resplendent with light"), is an experience unlike any other. This is the epitome of a holy city, inundated with religious... Read more


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