Mumbai Experiences


Mumbai Features

  • Top Reasons to Go

    All of India in one city: Mumbai is both modern and old-fashioned, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly—all of India concentrated in one metropolis.... Read more

  • Eating Well in Mumbai

    Mumbai has a robust tradition of eating out for cheap—you can dine out on a dime at working-class diners or stretch your dollar at bars and... Read more

  • The Bazaars and Markets of Mumbai

    Mumbai is not a city for sightseeing in the traditional sense—it's more a destination that you need to experience through your five senses, and... Read more

  • Mumbai's Holy Sites

    Although it's not generally known for its religious heritage, Mumbai has a holy legacy going back hundreds of years, with sites dedicated to most of... Read more

  • The Great Bombay Name Change

    In the mid-1990s, a far-right government decided to change Bombay's name to Mumbai, a name often used in local languages, and which comes from Mumba... Read more

  • A Good Walk of Mumbai's Markets

    This walk is not for the timid: It will be harried, the traffic is usually crazy, and the streets are dirty, but this is Mumbai, and the experience... Read more

  • Mumbai's Greatest Seafood Hits

    Clams, squid, prawns, lobsters, crabs, and fish, rubbed with a spicy red masala or spiked with a green masala or simmered in a thick fragrant... Read more

  • Street-Food Favorites

    Unlike most other Indian cities that start snoozing as early as 8 pm, Mumbai buzzes around the clock. Food carts appear every few yards serving chaats... Read more

  • Where Is It Served?

    Bade Miya, next to Gokul Bar on Tullock Road, off Shahid Bhagat Singh Road (enter the lane next to Café Mondegar and take the next right) is an... Read more

  • The Great Irani Café

    Mumbai has a special breed of teahouse that's on the way out. Called "Irani joints" in local parlance, these corner shops were begun by the first... Read more

  • Mumbai's Jewish Heritage

    Jews were once a prominent stream in Mumbai's population. It's believed there were three strains of Indian Jews—Maharashtrian (Bene Israel) Jews,... Read more

  • Custom Tailors and Fine Fabrics

    Mumbai's bazaars boom with some of the richest and widest varieties of cloth, and the Mangaldas Cloth Market has enough bales of material to carpet... Read more

  • The Deccan Odyssey

    Following the success of Rajasthan's luxury Palace on Wheels train, India introduced a Maharashtra counterpart, the Deccan Odyssey. Traveling first-class on... Read more

  • Song and Dance, Bollywood Style

    Nicknamed after its Hollywood exemplar, Bollywood, the famously spirited and wildly popular Indian film industry headquartered in Mumbai, is the... Read more

  • Getaway to Matheran Hill Station

    Perhaps the most pleasant hill station to visit near Mumbai, Matheran, founded by British collector Hugh Malet, is cooler than Mumbai all year long... Read more


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