Kolkata (Calcutta): Places to Explore


  • Central Kolkata and the Maidan

    The British first built Fort William in the middle of a dense jungle. When disagreements led the local Bengali ruler, Siraj ud-Daula, to attack and destroy it, the British response was a quick and...

  • North Kolkata

    The streets in northern Kolkata are more crowded and narrower than those elsewhere in the city. This—the old village of Sutanuti—is where the Indians lived while the British spread their...

  • Shantiniketan

  • South Kolkata

    Calcutta's rich and powerful moved consistently south as the city grew more and more crowded and unpleasant. Here you'll see an interesting mix of large colonial homes, modern hotels and...

  • Vishnupur

    Set in a land of rich red soil, Vishnupur was the capital of the Hindu Malla kings from the 16th to 19th centuries, and they saw fit to convert its surroundings into some mind-blowing terra-cotta...


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