Khajuraho Shopping

The city's shops are open generally from 10 to 8; the larger shops close on Sunday, but the street sellers and smaller shops are open daily. One of India's chief weaving centers, Varanasi is famous for its silk-brocade saris, which start at around Rs. 2,000. Some saris are still woven with real gold and silver threads, though in most noncustom work the real thing has been replaced by artificial


Weaving is typically a family business, and most weavers are Muslims who belong to the Ansari community. Kamalan Tours organizes visits to the traditional silk houses where you can interact with weavers and watch them weave silk using foot-powered looms.

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Khajuraho Shopping

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Cottage Industries Exposition

  • Textiles/Sewing

Come here for excellent Varanasi weaves in silk and cotton, a vast rug room, plus brass wares and Kashmiri embroidered shawls. Everything...

Dharam Kumar Jain & Sons

  • Textiles/Sewing

Operating out of a house near Thatheri Bazaar, this company has an extraordinary private collection of old brocade saris, pashmina shawls,...

Mehta International

  • Gifts/Souvenirs

In the Cantonment area around the corner from the Radisson, this is a large showroom with a wide selection of fine saris, scarves, bed...

Thatheri Bazaar

  • Gifts/Souvenirs

Among the brass vendors, on a small lane 50 meters north of the Chowk, some shops sell silks and woolens to a local crowd. ...

Vishvanath Gali

  • Clothing

Most hotels sell silk-brocade saris in their shops, but the main bazaars for silks and saris are in Vishvanath Gali—the lane leading...