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Sights & Attractions Khajuraho

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Dance Festival
In late February or early March, Khajuraho holds an annual, week-long...
Festivals Khajuraho
Devi Jagdamba Temple
This temple was originally dedicated to Vishnu, as indicated...
Religious Sites Khajuraho
Duladeo Temple
Though built in the customary five-shrine style, this 12th-century...
Religious Sites Khajuraho
Ghantai Temple
All that's left of the temple here are its pillars, festooned...
Religious Sites Khajuraho
Gharial Sanctuary
Drive or bike to the Gharial Sanctuary on the Ken River, 28 km...
Nature Preserves Khajuraho
Javari Temple
Small and well-proportioned, this temple is just south of the...
Religious Sites Khajuraho
From August through mid-April, for Rs. 300 you can see folk dances...
Arts / Performance Venues Khajuraho
Kandariya Mahadev
This temple, which lies west of the Lakshmana, is the tallest...
Religious Sites Khajuraho
Khajuraho Village
Backed by the distant mountains, Khajuraho Village—the old residential...
Towns Khajuraho
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