Delhi Features


Delhi Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to Delhi

    The Mughal Capital: Delhi has a wealth of Mughal architecture—including Lal Qila (The Red Fort), Humanyun's Tomb, and Jama Masjid—that's survived... Read more

  • Eating Well in Delhi

    As a city of migrants, Delhi is filled with opportunities to sample food from all over India. There are, however, several key groups that dominate... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go Outside of Delhi

    Fatehpur Sikri: Easily visited in conjunction with the Taj Mahal, this UNESCO World Heritage Site, the former Mughal capital, is astounding for... Read more

  • Eating Well on Delhi Side Trips

    The day-to-day fare of people across Uttar Pradesh's distinct regions tends to be utilitarian and vegetarian. However, there is a strong tradition... Read more

  • (Offbeat) Shopping in Delhi

    Melding slangy street culture, hipster cool, fashion's excesses, and expat enthusiasm is a new trend in Delhi shopping: call it consumer design... Read more

  • Delhi's Holy Sites

    Brash, corrupt, political—the capital of India doesn't have a particularly spiritual reputation, yet Delhi, as the recurring seat of empires... Read more

  • A Good Walk in Old Delhi

    Start in Old Delhi with a morning tour of the Lal Qila (Red Fort), Emperor Shah Jahan's sprawling 17th-century capital. Exit the Red Fort onto... Read more

  • Some Delhi History

    The ancient epic Mahabharata places the great town of Indraprastha on the banks of the Yamuna River, perhaps in what is now Delhi's Old Fort... Read more

  • Dressing the Part

    Many traveling women (and a few traveling men) are inspired to buy an Indian outfit to wear for the duration of their trip. Here's a primer:... Read more

  • Classic Chaats

    No trip to India is complete without some Indian snack food. The most popular street foods are papri chaat (fried wafers piled high with potatoes... Read more