The Silk Road: Places to Explore


  • Gansu

    Gansu is the long, narrow province linking central China with the desert regions of the northwest. For centuries, as goods were transported through the region, Gansu acted as a conduit between China and... Read more

  • Qinghai

    A remote and sparsely populated province on the northeastern border of Tibet, Qinghai's sweeping grasslands locked in by icy mountain ranges are relatively unknown to most Chinese people, who tend to think... Read more

  • Shaanxi

    Shaanxi has more often than not been the axis around which the Chinese universe revolved. It was here more than 6,000 years ago that Neolithic tribes established the earliest permanent settlements in China... Read more

  • Xinjiang

    The vast Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, covering more than 1.6 million square km (640,000 square miles), is China's largest province. Even more expansive than Alaska, it borders Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan... Read more