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Top Reasons to Go to the Silk Road

Terracotta warriors: Take in one of the nation's most haunting and memorable sites—the vast life-size army of soldiers, built to outlast death.

Discover Dunhuang: Satisfy your inner archaeologist at the magnificent Mogao caves and scale the shifting slopes of Singing Sand Mountain.

Seek Solace at Kumbum Monastery: Visit one of the six great monasteries of the Tibetan Buddhist sect known as Yellow Hat, reputedly the birthplace of the sect's founder, Tsong Khapa.

Tour Turpan: Discover the ruins of the ancient city-states Jiaohe and Gaochang, destroyed by Genghis Khan and his unstoppable Mongol hordes.

Kashgar and the Karakorum Highway: Explore Central Asia's largest and liveliest bazaar before heading south to the snowcapped Pamir Mountains and crystal clear Karakul Lake.

Updated: 2014-01-21

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