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Plan Your Southwestern China Vacation

The southwestern provinces are among the most alluring destinations in the country. This region lays claim to some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of China—from the moonscape limestone karsts and river scenery of Yangshuo, to China's mightiest waterfall in Guizhou, to Yunnan's tropical rain forests and spectacular Tiger Leaping Gorge.


Southwestern China Hotels

Locally run hotels in Southwest China's larger cities offer adequate service and amenities for a reasonable price, but don't... read more


Southwestern China Restaurants

In addition to great Chinese food, usually on the spicier side, Southwest China is home to a rainbow of ethnic cuisines,... read more


Southwestern China Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go to Southwestern China

    Lose yourself in Lijiang: Treasured by the Chinese and home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the winding cobblestone lanes of... Read more

  • Guangxi's Silver-Toothed Touts

    Aggressive touts are a fact of life for Western travelers in hyper-capitalist China. Guangxi Province is known for the tenacity of its... Read more

  • Festivals of Guizhou

    Since the province is comprised of various ethnic groups—including the Dong, Hui, Yao, Zhuang, and Miao peoples—Guizhou is a... Read more

  • Yunnan Cuisine

    Dian cuisine is the term for Han Chinese cuisine found in Yunnan, especially around Kunming. Dian-style dishes are similar to Sichuan... Read more

  • Dali and the Nanzhao Kingdom

    The idyllic scenery belies Dali's importance as the center of power for the Nanzhao Kingdom. The easily defensible area around Erhai Lake... Read more

  • Naxi Music of Lijiang

    The Naxi culture is rich in artistic elements—the Naxi pictographs, architecture, Dongba shamans, and, not least of all, the music.... Read more

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