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Sights & Attractions Sichuan and Chongqing

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Name Category Location
18 Steps
18 Steps is one of the coolest places in the...
Neighborhoods / Streets Chongqing
At the city of Badong, just outside the eastern...
Towns The Three Gorges
Baoding Shan
A UNESCO World Heritage site, these Buddhist...
Public Art (Mural / Sculpture / Statue) Chongqing
Chaotianmen Docks
Not as busy and bustling as once upon a time,...
Marinas / Piers Chongqing
Ci Qi Kou Old Town
Perched in the western of the city overlooking...
Neighborhoods / Streets Chongqing
Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Museum
This museum is named for the famous poet Du Fu...
Museums / Galleries, Houses / Mansions Chengdu
The 10,000-foot-high Emeishan (literally...
Religious Sites, Forests, Mountains Emeishan
Also known as Guicheng or the "city of devils,"...
Towns The Three Gorges
Giant Buddha
Rising 233 feet, this is the tallest stone Buddha...
Public Art (Mural / Sculpture / Statue) Leshan
Giant Panda Breeding Research Base
The Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is worth...
Zoos / Aquariums Chengdu
Jinyun Mountain
Just north of the city, Jinyun Mountain has some...
Viewpoints, Hot Springs / Spas, Mountains Chongqing
Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve
High among the snowcapped peaks of the Aba...
Nature Preserves Jiuzhaigou Natural Preserve
Little Three Gorges
At the entrance to Wu Gorge, you can take a...
Geological Sites The Three Gorges
Loquat Hill
The 804-foot Loquat Hill has great views of the...
Viewpoints Chongqing
Luohan Temple
Originally built about 1,000 years ago, then and...
Religious Sites Chongqing
Ming Hill
The bamboo-covered Ming Hill is home to a...
Religious Sites, Viewpoints The Three Gorges
Qingyang Gong
Built during the Tang Dynasty, Qingyang Gong is...
Religious Sites Chengdu
Qutang Gorge
The westernmost gorge, Qutang Gorge is also the...
Geological Sites The Three Gorges
Riverview Pavilion Park
The four-story wooden pavilion in Riverview...
Viewpoints Chengdu
Southern Mountain Garden
Southern Mountain is the highest point in the...
Gardens / Arboretums, Viewpoints, Mountains Chongqing
Three Gorges
The Three Gorges lie along the fault lines of...
Geological Sites The Three Gorges
Three Gorges Dam
Xiling Gorge ends at the Three Gorges Dam....
Dam The Three Gorges
Tibetan Quarter
Chengdu's tiny Tibetan Quarter is a fascinating...
Markets / Bazaars Chengdu
Wenshu Monastery
Named after Manjusri, the bodhisattva of...
Religious Sites Chengdu
Wu Gorge
The impressive Wu Gorge is 33 km (20 miles) long....
Geological Sites The Three Gorges
Wu You Temple
There are several temples and pagodas in the park...
Religious Sites Leshan
Wuhou Temple
The Wuhou Temple (Wuhou Ci) complex houses the...
Museums / Galleries, Religious Sites Chengdu
Xiling Gorge
About 66 km (41 miles) long, Xiling Gorge is the...
Geological Sites The Three Gorges
Yangtze River Cable Car
The Yangtze River Cable Car is a great way to...
Viewpoints Chongqing
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