Air Contact in Chengdu


Air Contact

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (028/8520–5555.


Bank of China (Renmin Nan Lu, Chengdu, 610041.)

Bus Contacts

Chadianzi Bus Station (Sanhuan Lu, Chengdu, 610031. 028/870–6610.)

Wuguiqiao Bus Station (Dongguicun Sanzhu, Chengdu, 610066. 028/8471–1692.)

Xinanmen Bus Station (57 Linjiang Lu, Chengdu, 610041. No phone.)


U.S. Consulate (4 Lingshiguan Lu, Chengdu, 610041. 028/8558–3992.

Medical Assistance

Chengdu Medical Center. This modern clinic is staffed with English-speaking doctors. Most international insurance is accepted. Chengdu No. I Peoples Hospital, 18 Wanxiang Bei Lu, Chengdu, 610041. 028/8331–7899.

For emergency medical assistance anywhere in China, dial 120; for all other emergencies call 110. PSB; Foreigner's Police, Wenwu Lu, part of Xinhua Dong Lu;, 40 Wenmiaohou Jie, Chengdu, 610041. 110 or 028/8674–4683.

Train Contact

Chengdu Railway Station (Second Ring Rd., Third North Section, Chengdu, 610036. 028/8337–2608.)

Chengdu East Railway Station (Chengdu, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, 610001. 028/8513–6245.)

Visitor and Tour Info

Intowestchina. This company offers tours of Chengdu, western Sichuan, and farther-flung destinations like Tibet. 71 Qinglong Jie, Chengdu, 610031. 028/8558–2963.

Intowestchina. 71 Qinglong Jie, Chengdu, 610031. 028/8558–2963.


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