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Top Reasons to Go to Sichuan and Chongqing

Emeishan: Hike 10,000 feet to the top of one of China's holy mountains and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Giant Panda Breeding Research Base: Stroll through the bamboo groves, bone up on the latest in genetic biology and ecological preservation, and check out cute baby pandas.

Horseback riding in Songpan: Marvel at the raw beauty of northern Sichuan's pristine mountain forests and emerald-green lakes from the backs of these gentle beasts.

Liquid fire: Savor some of the spiciest food on the planet in Chongqing's many hotpot restaurants.

An engineering miracle or madness: Enjoy a lazy riverboat ride through the surreal Three Gorges, and stand in awe of one of China's latest engineering feats, the mighty Three Gorges Dam.

Updated: 2014-01-21

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