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Baiyun Mountain
Also known as White Cloud Mountain, Baiyun Mountain gets its name...
Mountains Guangzhou
Bright Filial Piety Temple
Better known to locals as the Guangxiao Temple, this is the oldest...
Religious Sites Guangzhou
Canton Tower
Guangzhou's skyline wouldn't be as colorful without the Canton...
Architectural Sites Guangzhou
Chen Clan Academy
The Chen family is one of the Pearl River Delta's oldest clans...
Architectural Sites Guangzhou
Chimelong Resort
One of the most famous and popular amusement parks in Guangzhou...
Amusement Parks Guangzhou
Five Celestials Shrine
According to local legend, a quintet of gods in the form of goats...
Historic Districts / Sites Guangzhou
Guangdong Museum of Art
This gallery regularly hosts the works of painters, sculptors...
Museums / Galleries Guangzhou
Museum of the Tomb of the Nan Yue King
In 1983 bulldozers clearing ground for the China Hotel uncovered...
Museums / Galleries, Memorials / Monuments Guangzhou
Qingping Market
This market has alway had a good selection of knickknacks, as...
Markets / Bazaars Guangzhou
Sacred Heart Cathedral
In the heart of the old city, this Catholic church is the seat...
Religious Sites Guangzhou
Shamian Island
More than a century ago the Mandarins of Guangzhou designated...
Islands Guangzhou
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
This handsome pavilion stands in a garden behind a bronze statue...
Memorials / Monuments Guangzhou
Temple of the Six Banyan Trees
Look at any ancient scroll painting or lithograph by early Western...
Religious Sites Guangzhou
Yuexiu Park
Guangzhou's largest park covers 247 rolling acres and includes...
Parks Guangzhou
Zhu Jiang Ye You Company
Transportation Sites Guangzhou
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