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A Great Big Wall: Postcard views of large sections of the restored Ming Dynasty brick wall rise majestically around you. The sheer scope of this ancient project boggles the mind.

Ming and More: It's easy to arrange a tour or your own transportation to the Great Wall and the Thirteen Ming Tombs, especially if you go to the Badaling section of the wall.

The Adventure: There are so many exciting places just within a few hours of Beijing, and for all these places, getting there is half the fun. Traveling through rural China, even for a day trip, is always something of an adventure.

Meet the Locals: People in rural China can be extremely kind, inviting you to their homes for tea, a meal, or even to stay the night. If you accept an invite, a small gift of fruit or a bottle of baijiu (a Chinese spirit distilled from sorghum) is always appreciated.


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