Beijing to Shanghai: Places to Explore



Known for its 70 or so active springs, Ji'nan has earned the nickname "City of Springs." Ji'nan's three main sights are Thousand Buddha Mountain, Daming Lake, and Baotu Spring Park. These and a handful of other attractions easily occupy visitors for a day or so.

Ji'nan may be Shandong's provincial capital, but Ji'nan is overshadowed in almost every way by its coastal rival, Qingdao. However, this modern and easygoing metropolis is a good place to stay if you are visiting nearby Qufu, Taishan, or Qingdao.

In 1901, Ji'nan was hauled into the 20th century by the construction of a railway linking it to Qingdao. European and Japanese companies found Ji'nan to be a convenient place to do business. A few buildings from this era remain in the downtown area, although they are increasingly overshadowed by new shopping centers and hotels

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