Beijing to Shanghai: Places to Explore


  • Anhui

    Eastern China's most rural province, Anhui has a rugged terrain that forces families to fight their hardscrabble farmland for every acre of harvest. Today it remains significantly poorer than its neighbors... Read more

  • Hebei

    Many visitors travel through Hebei without a backward glance on the way to and from the capital, but the province has several sites worth a detour. Chengde is a must for history buffs and fans of the great... Read more

  • Jiangsu

    Coastal Jiangsu is defined by water. This eastern province is crossed by one of the world's great rivers, the mystical Yangtze, and has a coastline stretching hundreds of miles along the Yellow Sea. Jiangsu... Read more

  • Shandong

    Around 100 million people call the Shandong region home, and an annual influx of domestic tourists considerably adds to that number. Most flock to this region for Qingdao, China's most attractive coastal... Read more