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Tombs, temples, elegant gardens, and historic water towns are just the beginning of what this extraordinary region has to offer. This is where Confucius was born, where China’s two great rivers and the Great Wall meet the sea, and where some of the country's most celebrated mountain landscapes have inspired pilgrimages for millennia.


Beijing to Shanghai Hotels

Hotels in this region are improving every year, and most major cities now have a range of international luxury brands. Don't... read more


Beijing to Shanghai Restaurants

Every locality has its own specialties—wild game in Hebei, braised chicken in Shandong, duck cooked myriad ways in... read more

Things To Do

Things To Do in Beijing to Shanghai

Explore the best sights, entertainment, and shopping with our top choices and insider tips.


Beijing to Shanghai Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Qingdao: Hit the beach or explore the historic corners of the Bavarian-styled Old City, with its mansions, churches, and burgeoning... Read more

  • Adopting in China

    For some, the gardens, the architecture, the history, and the scenery are all secondary reasons to visit Yangzhou. Theirs is a more... Read more

  • Exploring the Water Villages

    Centuries-old villages, preserved almost in their original state, are scattered around Suzhou. Bowed bridges span narrow canals, as... Read more


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  • Experiencing Beijing

    With hot temperatures and sometimes poor air quality, visiting Beijing during the summer months can sometimes be miserable. Howev... Read more

  • 5 Crazy Chinese

    A short Beijing Metro ride and we surface in search of our destination to experience some more of for us amazing Beijing. As we walk ... Read more

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