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  • Top Reasons to Go to Cambodia

    Angkor Temple Complex: Hands-down Southeast Asia's most magnificent archaeological treasure, Angkor has hundreds of ruins, many still hidden deep in... Read more

  • Cambodia Then and Now

    The Kingdom of Cambodia, encircled by Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the sea, is a land of striking extremes. Internationally, it's best known for two... Read more

  • Religion in Cambodia

    As in neighboring Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, Buddhism is the predominant religion in Cambodia. But animism and superstition continue to play... Read more

  • Hiring an Angkor Guide

    A guide can greatly enrich your appreciation of Angkor's temples, which are full of details you might miss on your own. English-speaking guides... Read more

  • Cambodia's Early History

    The earliest prehistoric site excavated in Cambodia is the cave of Laang Spean in the northwest. Archaeologists estimate that hunters and gatherers... Read more

  • Cambodian Cuisine

    Cambodian cuisine is distinct from that of neighbors Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, although some dishes are common throughout the region. Fish and... Read more

  • Cambodia's Festivals

    Like many Southeast Asian nations, Cambodia celebrates a lot of important festivals. Quite a few of them are closely tied to Buddhism, the country's... Read more

  • Cambodia's Endangered Species

    In an ironic contrast to the Khmer Rouge atrocities, at least some of Cambodia's wildlands and wildlife populations emerged from that period intact,... Read more

  • Uncovering Angkor

    The story of the "rediscovery" of Angkor is a misnomer; the temples were never lost. They have always been known and used by Cambodians.... Read more


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