Bhutan Features


Bhutan Features

  • Bhutan Today

    Want to experience the customs and traditions of an ancient culture, soak up clean air and unspoiled natural beauty, and revel in the spirituality... Read more

  • Bhutan Basics: The tourist visa, and other, myths

    The government proclaims a commitment to attracting "high-dollar, low-impact" guests, rather than hordes of backpackers. Instead of restricting... Read more

  • Recommended Tour Operators

    There is little that's typical about visiting Bhutan, including the length of stay; depending on your budget and inclination, you can spend as... Read more

  • Bhutan Crafts and Souvenirs

    Bhutan's colorful, intricate hand-loomed textiles and a smattering of handicrafts like bamboo baskets and wood-turned bowls are among the top... Read more

  • What to Eat in Bhutan

    Bhutanese food is super-hot; chiles are a staple of the diet, and they're stewed in cheese and served as a vegetable. Most food for tourists... Read more