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Nestled between Nepal, Bangladesh, and Burma, Bhutan has long been isolated and protected by the majestic Himalayas. But times are changing and the recently democratized nation is more open to outsiders than ever before. A trek through this Buddhist nation where "gross national happiness" is more valued than GDP, is truly magical—and likely to be a very different experience in only a couple of years.


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Bhutan Experiences

  • Bhutan Today

    Want to experience the customs and traditions of an ancient culture, soak up clean air and unspoiled natural beauty, and revel in the spirituality... Read more

  • Bhutan Basics: The tourist visa, and other, myths

    The government proclaims a commitment to attracting "high-dollar, low-impact" guests, rather than hordes of backpackers. Instead of restricting... Read more

  • Recommended Tour Operators

    There is little that's typical about visiting Bhutan, including the length of stay; depending on your budget and inclination, you can spend as... Read more

  • Bhutan Crafts and Souvenirs

    Bhutan's colorful, intricate hand-loomed textiles and a smattering of handicrafts like bamboo baskets and wood-turned bowls are among the top... Read more

  • What to Eat in Bhutan

    Bhutanese food is super-hot; chiles are a staple of the diet, and they're stewed in cheese and served as a vegetable. Most food for tourists... Read more


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