Safety and Precautions in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


Safety and Precautions

The political situation in Zimbabwe is currently fairly stable but the damage from the lengthy dictatorship and internal strife is still very apparent. Prices have stabilized and the basic goods have reappeared on the shelves, but the tourist capital of Victoria Falls has by no means regained its status as a prime international destination. Most of the hotels are forced to import all their goods from South Africa or Zambia, making profit margins increasingly smaller while occupancy levels stay low. Unfortunately the tide has not yet turned convincingly, and the political climate remains unpredictable. All the activities, shopping, and dining options on offer on the Zimbabwean side can also be enjoyed across the border in Zambia—without any of the uncertainty and potential for sudden political and economical upheavals that could result in cancellations, substandard service, or threats to visitors' safety. Until the rule in Zimbabwe has proven itself completely stable and the industry on the road to recovery, we recommend concentrating on Zambia and only venturing into Zimbabwe with reputable Zambian tour operators.

MARS (Medical Air Rescue Services) is on standby for all emergencies. Dr. Nyoni is a trauma specialist and operates a hospital opposite the Shoestring lodge. Go to Victoria Falls Pharmacy for prescriptions.

Homosexuality is not illegal in Zimbabwe but can be a practical problem. Attitudes are improving, but it's advisable to be extremely circumspect.

Beware of street vendors. They'll try to rip you off in ways you'd never have believed possible.


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