Passports and Visas in Livingstone, Zambia


Passports and Visas

You'll need a valid passport and visa to enter Zambia, but it's simple to purchase a visa when you enter the country. The Zambian immigration department is currently revising its visa fees. At press time a standard U.S. single-entry visa costs US$50, and a single-entry and transit visa cost the same. Day-trip visas cost US$20 (often included in the cost of prebooked activities, so check with your booking agent). If you plan to leave Zambia and return, you'll need a multiple-entry visa or you'll have to buy another visa upon your return. Multiple-entry visas can only be purchased at Zambian Missions abroad and not on arrival.

It's possible to buy point-of-entry visas for Zimbabwe for US$35 for a single entry. If you leave Zimbabwe for more than 24 hours, you will need to buy another to reenter (unless you bought a double-entry visa for US$55), so think before you travel. To cross the border into Zambia for a day, you'll need to purchase a Zambian day visa for US$20, unless you have booked an activity that includes this cost. Visas can be purchased from an embassy before departure, but it will almost certainly be more trouble and generally cost more than buying them at the border.

When in Rome...

Fearing a few weeks without your Budweiser? No worries. There are a couple great local brews for you to try on both sides of the falls: Mosi in Zambia and Zambezi in Zimbabwe. Both are crisp, light, and thirst-quenching beers. What about after your meal? Order an Amarula on ice. Not unlike Baileys Irish Cream, this liquor is made from the fruit of the marula tree, a well-documented delicacy for elephants.


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