When to Go in Livingstone, Zambia


When to Go

If you're at all sensitive to heat and humidity, visit from May through August, when it is dry and cool, with pleasant days and cool to cold nights. Although the bush can resemble a wasteland, with short brown stubble and bare trees, it does improve game-viewing, and most other adventure activities are more comfortable in the cooler weather. This is also the time when the mosquitoes are less active, although it remains a malaria area year-round, and precautions should always be taken.

The rainy season starts sometime around late October and generally stretches well into April. With the first rains also comes the "time of the bugs," with tsetse flies, mosquitoes, and the harmless but aptly named stink bug seemingly running the show for a couple of months. Of course, the abundance of insect life also leads to great bird-watching. Although the rain showers tend to be of the short and spectacular kind, they can interfere with some activities, especially if your visit is a short one. Try to arrange your activities for the early hours, as the rain generally falls in the late afternoon.

Peak flow is achieved in late April and May, when rafting and visiting Livingstone Island might not be possible. If your visit coincides with school vacations in South Africa, the area can become quite crowded.