Dubai Sports & Activities

Dubai is an excellent place to get active. Aside from the suffocating heat of high summer, it has balmy weather that's ideal for outdoor activities. Warm calm seas lap the shores so you can take to the water year-round.

Because Dubai concentrates on the luxury end of the hospitality market, sports and activities follow suit. Investors have put billions of dirham into the ambience of the hotels here, but the facilities have not been ignored in the push for image. Most major resorts have been built in the last five years—and the paint is just now drying on many more—so facilities here are state of the art and completely current. Ballrooms are out and spas are in, and you've never felt so good as you will after a few days of treatments in Dubai.

Major sporting events punctuate the Dubai calendar. The government has been proactive in investing in athletic facilities and high-prize competitions to attract sports stars at the peak of their game, particularly in golf and tennis. The elite sports of horse racing—the so-called sport of kings—and polo are also at the forefront here.

The power of the group also makes Dubai a great place for an active holiday. With 180 nationalities, like-minded people have formed clubs and leagues in a wide range of activities. Canucks, Swedes, and Russians race it out on the ice; English, Aussies, and South Africans scrimmage on the rugby field; and Indians, Sri Lankans, and Pakistanis bowl on the cricket pitch. The white-collar expat lifestyle centers around the idea of the "club," whether it be the golf club, the fitness club, or the country club—and this is something visitors can also tap into.

Beaches & Water Sports

Dubai's eastern coast is lined with a ribbon of fine white, gently shelving sand lapped by warm cerulean seas. It was this pristine unexploited...


A popular sport for all sectors of society, you'll meet players and families of many nationalities at the alleys. Deira & the North Bank ...

Excursions and Adventure Sports

For many visitors, getting out of Dubai city is the highlight of their trip. Much of the emirate is made of miles and miles of sand where the...


Getting to the point, this sport may sharpen your reflexes. The Dubai Fencing Club is the premier venue in the UAE and offers classes from...


With seven golf courses and at least two more in planning stages, Dubai is the center of golfing in the Arab world. Despite the arid conditions...


Surprisingly, there is more than one place to put your blades on for a spin on the ice. Bur Dubai & the South Bank Al Nasr Leisureland has...

Spectator Sports

Rugby The Dubai Exiles Rugby Football Club was founded in 1969 for the enjoyment of mainly British and British Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth...

Taking to the Skies

Many of Dubai's new developments are best seen from the air. It's only from bird's-eye level that the amazing constructions of The Palm islands...


Most of the major resort hotels have tennis facilities, though usually only one court. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel has several at its sports club...


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