Canopy and Forest Tour in Storms River


Canopy and Forest Tour

Want a turaco's-eye view of the treetops? Storms River Adventures will take you deep into the forest, where you don a harness, climb up to a platform, clip in, and "fly" on long cables from platform to platform. You can even control your speed. The cost is R450, and the DVD with video and downloadable photos costs an extra R145.Storms River Adventures also offers a gentle, open-vehicle tour of the forest and the old Storms River Pass. Knowledgeable guides expand on the flora and fauna, as well as the interesting history of the region. You end it all with lunch or tea at a beautiful picnic site next to the Storms River, where wagons would stop more than a century ago. The tea trip costs R125, and the lunch trip R175. Main Rd., Storms River, 6308. 042/281–1836.

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