The Garden Route and the Little Karoo Feature


What the...?

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That sign definitely says Ronnie's Sex Shop. And no, it's not a country brothel, nor does it purvey rubber garments and toys of an adult nature. It's actually a Route 62 icon that started out as a joke. Ronnie (a real person) returned to his farm one day to find his friends had decorated the disused laborer's cottage near the road, painting on it in big red letters "ronnie's sex shop." It stayed like that for years—a local landmark—until Ronnie thought he would cash in on the unintentional marketing, and opened a pub in it. It's a far cry from a sophisticated venue, but it's a great place to meet the less productive members of the local farming community, many of whom spend a large proportion of the day here. It's also a mandatory stop on most motorcycle rallies. It's open from 10 in the morning until the last person leaves at night, which is usually pretty late. You can't miss it—it's right on Route 62, just on the Ladysmith side of Barrydale. You may not want to go in, but you'll probably want to photograph it. 028/572–1153.

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