Getting Here and Around in Grahamstown


Getting Here and Around

It's easiest and best to tour this area by car. Roads are generally in good shape, but there's a distinct difference in road conditions east and west of Grahamstown. To the west (that is, on the PE side) roads are wide, often dual lane, and well maintained. East of Grahamstown the N2 is a single-lane road with no shoulders, few fences, and quite a few potholes.

From PE, the drive is approximately 1½ hours, and half an hour from Alicedale. Bus services (Greyhound, Intercape) stop in the center of town. There's also Minilux, a minibus shuttle that runs from PE Airport to Grahamstown most days of the week and then on to East London.

Grahamstown is small enough that you can easily walk around on foot, although you should take a taxi at night.


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