South Africa Features


South Africa Features

  • If You Like

    Not into roughing it? No problem. Our favorite luxe properties will tempt you to defect from the real world and live like kings and queens.... Read more

  • Top Attractions

    Whether you drive yourself and stay at campsites, as many South Africans do, or fly in to a neighboring reserve for an all-inclusive guided luxury... Read more

  • Top Experiences

    Choose a decadent luxury safari camp or a five-star hotel in Cape Town or Johannesburg—South Africa's sky-high standards of hospitality gleam... Read more

  • South Africa's History

    Two-million-year-old hominid fossils of the earliest known prehuman ancestors were found in South Africa, at the Sterkfontein Caves, about an... Read more

  • South Africa Today

    South Africa, one of Africa's most diversely beautiful and accessible countries, lies at the very foot of the continent, where two mighty oceans... Read more

  • Flavors of South Africa

    South Africa's rich cultural legacy comes alive on the plate, in the array of flavors and tastes influenced by the mélange of people who have... Read more

  • World Cup 411

    Held since 1958, the FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) World Cup is truly a worldwide event; more than 40 billion fans... Read more

  • Adventure Sports

    If coming face to mane with a lion isn't spine tingling enough for you, try some of these only-in-South Africa thrills instead. From coast to... Read more


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