Seychelles: Places to Explore


  • La Digue

    La Digue is the fourth largest inhabited island of the Seychelles (though only 5 km [3 miles] long and 3 km [2 miles] wide), and the real deal when it comes to a laid-back tropical paradise. Only 6.4 km... Read more

  • Mahé

    Mahé is the archipelago's largest island at 27 km by 8 km (17 miles by 5 miles). Home to 90% of the country's population of 87,000, it displays an amazing ethnic diversity, with descendants of European... Read more

  • Praslin

    Forty kilometers (25 miles) northeast of Mahé, Praslin is just a 15-minute flight or 45-minute ferry ride away. Praslin, at 11 km (7 miles) long and 4 km (2.5 miles) wide, is the second-largest island... Read more