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The variety of hotels has exploded in the past few years, and no longer is it the case that Seychelles offers only super exclusive (and super expensive) accommodation. From ultraluxurious private island resorts to five-star global hotel brands to an increasing market of three-star hotels and guest houses, and even some B&Bs and self-catering units, there are plenty of choices. Almost all hotel rates include breakfast; many are on a half-board system, and a few (mostly the private islands) operate on a full-board system (i.e. all-inclusive). Most half- and full-board plans include a buffet dinner (versus the à la carte menu, if there's one at your hotel). If staying near a tourist destination where there are plenty of restaurant choices (such as Beau Vallon in Mahé, or Côte d'Or in Praslin), it may be better value (and more interesting) to take only the B&B option. All hotels accept credit cards. The star rating system that you'll find on the island is determined by the Seychelles' Tourism board.

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Prices in the restaurant reviews are the average cost of a main course at dinner or, if dinner isn't served, at lunch; taxes and service charges are generally included. Prices in the hotel reviews are the lowest cost of a standard double room in high season, including taxes, service charges, and meal plans (except on private islands, where it's all-inclusive).

Although largely uninhabited, there's a handful of private islands—most with nothing on them other than a single resort—that will blow your mind (and possibly your budget).

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