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Top Reasons to Visit the Seychelles

Splashing in Solitude: Home to the world's most beautiful (and empty) beaches, Seychelles' tropical waters are one big playground for snorkeling, diving, fishing, and kayaking.

Unspoiled Nature: Jungle-clad granite islands, where you can look a giant tortoise in the eye, have also become seabird sanctuaries, where the abundance of winged creatures will blow your mind.

Island Hopping: From "busy" Mahé to the empty beaches of coralline Denis to the über-luxury of private-island resorts to the entirely undeveloped nature sanctuary of Aldabra—every island offers something different and unforgettable.

Creole Culture: Old French Victorian mansions, colorful gardens, a cuisine that blends Indian, French, and Southeast Asian influences—the friendly Seychellois culture is a lovely and unique melting pot.

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