The Northern Atlantic Coast: Places to Explore


  • Azemmour

    Azemmour, situated on the banks of the Oum Errabi River, is a fantastic weekend or day-trip option from Casablanca. The small town boasts a quaint Portuguese medina, friendly locals, and an artistic influence... Read more

  • Casablanca

    Casablanca is Morocco's most modern city, and various groups of people call it home: hardworking Berbers who came north from the Souss Valley to make their fortune; older folks raised on French customs... Read more

  • Dar Bouazza

    A small beach town on the outskirts of Casablanca, Dar Bouazza is a great day trip or overnight option. A haven for the Casablanca expat community, the town has a funky mix of traditional locals—fisherman... Read more

  • El Jadida

    El Jadida's new town has a large, sandy bay and a promenade lined with palm trees and cafés. The name El Jadida actually means "the New" and has alternated more than once with the town's original Portuguese... Read more

  • El Oualidia

    As you enter El Oualidia you'll see salt pans at the end of a lagoon. This town is famous for its oysters, and if you visit the oyster parks, you can sit right down and eat them after learning how they're... Read more

  • Mehdiya Plage

    If you are traveling by car along the coast north of Rabat (toward Moulay Bousselham) and are in the mood for a beach stroll, Mehdiya Plage, which is about 11 km (7 mi) west of Kenitra, will do the trick... Read more

  • Moulay Bousselham

    The laid-back fishing village of Moulay Bousselham is very popular with Moroccans. It's made up of little more than a single street crowded by cafés and souvenir shops. Moulay Bousselham's lagoon and beach... Read more

  • Rabat

    Rabat is an excellent place to get acquainted with Morocco, as it has a medina and an array of historical sites and museums, yet exerts significantly less of the pressure that most foreign travelers experience... Read more

  • Salé

    Salé was probably founded around the 11th century. In medieval times it was the most important trading harbor on the Atlantic coast, and at the beginning of the 17th century it joined Rabat in welcoming... Read more

  • Sidi-Bouknadel

    Sidi-Bouknadel (also known as Bouknadel) isn't accessible from the autoroute, but its attractions lie to the north, halfway between Kenitra and Rabat, and are accessible via the coastal road from either... Read more

  • Skhirat Beach

    Southwest of Rabat, towards Casablanca, is the beautiful Skhirat Beach. Perfect for either an afternoon at the beach or a weekend getaway, Skhirat, while just minutes from Rabat, feels worlds away. Home... Read more