The Great Oasis Valleys: Places to Explore



Tinzouline holds an important weekly souk. If you're here on a Monday, take this opportunity to shop and make contact with the many peoples of this southern Moroccan region where communities of Berbers, Arabs, Jews, and Haratin (descendants of Sudanese slaves) have coexisted for centuries. The Tinzouline ksour are clustered around a majestic kasbah in the middle of an oasis that includes several villages. Tinzouline is also one of the most important prehistoric sites in pre-Saharan North Africa: from the ksour a 7-km (4.5-mi) gravel path leads west of town to cave engravings depicting mounted hunters. These drawings are attributed to Iron Age Libyo-Berbers, lending further substance to the theory that Morocco's first inhabitants, the Berbers, may have originally come from Central Asia via central and eastern Africa.


Tinzouline at a Glance


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