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Accommodations in the north range from opulent to downright spare, with everything in between. You'll have a range of options in most areas. Hotels in Tangier can be on a par with those of Europe, but the farther you venture off the beaten path, the farther you might feel from Tangier's five-star welcome. Particularly in some of the smaller cities east of Chefchaouen and Tetouan, hotels lack the amenities to call themselves top-tier. Look a bit closer, though—what they lack in luxury these hotels often make up in charm, character, and, most of all, location.

In Tangier and Tetouan, advance reservations are a must if you want decent accommodations. Note that prices rise in July and August, and that if you'll be staying anywhere other than a five-star hotel you may want to inquire in advance (quite seriously) about the state of the hotel's credit-card machine.

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